kosher Shabbat Lamps

Designed and manufactured by us!

Kosher Shabbos Lamps – An innovative reading lamp that is suitable for Shabbat and a Yom-Tov.

Our Shabbat lamps designed with great care in mind for ease of use
without detracting from the beauty of the lamp
and are manufactured according to Halacha and only from the highest quality materials!

So, what makes it a kosher Shabbos Lamps?
A unique double magnetic-mechanism reveals or hides the light in this innovative reading lamp, and it can be used on Shabbos according to halacha!
A great gift from Israel!
The lamp is handmade in Israel, in small packages, and can be sent all over the world. We use a high quality and economical 110-240v bulb, so the lamp is suitable for the US.

Available in recessed, wall-mounted and
table-top version, made with adjustable high-quality metal.

Approved by the rabbinate. — the certificate

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