Private house in Katamon

Comprehensive renovation in the Katamon neighborhood of Jerusalem

4-room apartment located in the old Katamon neighborhood of Jerusalem
with great emphasis on lighting design.

In the public spaces of the house, we created a lowered plaster ceiling
which allowed us to incorporate a bright stretched ceiling,
with hidden LED lighting and precise plaster cuts with mood lighting along the walls.

In all the spaces of the apartment, the architectural lighting design took into account
the different areas designated for different functions in the house.

Reflective light molding and light fixture
In the common area there is a multiplicity of lighting sources that provide many options for combinations and creating different atmospheres depending on the time and need.
In the living room, next to the integrated lighting in the plaster ceiling, two fixtures were carefully selected:
A glass chandelier consists of glass “trumpets” built especially for the project
And a body made of light blue glass above the kitchen table,
The stone sink for washing hands is illuminated by three glass-shaped bodies together with three ‘spots’ which are recessed in the floor.
The dominant item in the house is a picture of the Nachlaot neighborhood in Jerusalem,
Which is printed on a flat fabric that is recessed in a plaster wall and illuminated with the help of high-quality LED lighting located behind it.
Architect: Debbie Shore Eliassi

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