Illuminated Profile

“Venturelight” are the pioneers and only suppliers of more than 30 different types of lighting profiles!

We produce three types of profiles – recessed, tight and suspended.

Inside each profile there is the highest quality LED lighting currently on the market.

Precise soldering work and the use of insulating sleeves in addition to low-voltage work ensure a quality product, safety and durability over the years.

CNC Fixtures

CNC cuts made in “Venturelight” are the best in the field of lighting fixtures!

With the sophisticated machines we work with, we have the ability to produce lighting fixtures from a variety of materials such as aluminum, Plexiglas, wood and more.

Illuminated Stretch Ceiling

Stretch ceilings made of vinyl are stretched on a high-quality LED plate manufactured in our factory and installed before the product is stretched.

The LED plate works at low voltage and is designed to work in a humid environment and ensure safety and durability over time.

Decorative Illuminated Walls

We produce lighted walls in a wide variety of shapes and colors, with the ability to change colors that brings rhythm and atmosphere to any space.

Ideal for your home, showrooms, shops, restaurants and more.

A high-quality LED system is installed using an aluminum perimeter rail behind sheets that scatter the light perfectly.

You can also combine custom printing, logos and custom branding.

Reflective light molding

A cornice is a ready-made decorative element made of a polyurethane material.

Suitable for large spaces.

A special and pleasant method that provides main lighting
without the need for an additional light source.

Lightning Mirrors

The ultimate lighting for makeup and restrooms.

Through accurate installation of our high quality LED strips, the mirrors accurately reflect the object without distortion and in a uniform light.

Custom made Fixtures

with the sophisticated mechanization and computing we work with, we are able to produce almost any lighting fixture you could only dream of,
and provide with the most unique and correct lighting thanks to the our expertise, personal work and adaptation to your needs.

Let us make your dream a reality

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