Advanced custom lighting solutions

We offer custom-made lighting solutions to match your unique style and needs.

A selection of luxury handmade Shabbat lamps with halachic approval

Elegant and designed Shabbat lamps manufactured by us at VenturaLight from the planning level to the installation level!

Each lamp with a high-quality metallic head has a double and unique magnetic mechanism, which ensures complete sealing of the light

Available in a recessed, wall-mounted and desk-mounted version
With a flexible arm in different lengths or an adjustable metal arm made of quality metal.

Thinking outside
the box is our motto

We are leading a revolution in the world of LED lighting

light fixture - Pendant cage

What people said about us

Steiner rachel
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Amazing service. Really worth it
Tzvi Weinberger
Tzvi Weinberger
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It is a great privilege to work with an open minded, Attentive and professional workers. Well done!
Yafa Gabbai
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Amazing service. Spectacular and unique works, flawless! Highly recommend.
Nuriel Hazut‏‏
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A very professional and creative place. Gives solutions and design that is out of this world!
Dana bar-eitan
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Excellent service and very professional staff. They knew how to produce for me exactly what I wanted. Came out amazing
Semmy Unterschlag
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Thank you for the excellent service and the end result is amazing. There are no professionals like you and you can always contact clients for recommendations.
‏David Hubary
‏David Hubary
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A very professional place, kind people who know how to create amazing solutions where others have not succeeded. Extremely fair prices. Highly recommend when it comes to lighting. Special thanks to Joseph Metri the dedicated worker who spared no time and personal effort to help and solve a problem I had in the most professional way. Well done!!!
We offer you the best, most innovative, personal solutions in the lighting industry and invest a lot of thought in planning and designing the perfect match for you!

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