Experience the Elegance and Beauty of Shabbat with Our Luxury Lamps

With its intricate designs and highest quality materials, our lamps will become a cherished addition to your home.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own a piece of Israeli craftsmanship.

Compatible with USA electrical standards

Free international shipping

for use on Shabbat and Holidays

Made with the finest materials

Power consumption

Light up Your Home and Your Heart with Our Pioneering Mezuzah Holder, the Perfect Addition to any Stairwell or Dark Entrance

The added lighting feature shines UP-DOWN and illuminates the letter "ש" adding a special touch to this meaningful symbol. As the Talmud teaches, 'A mezuzah on the doorpost is a sign that the house is filled with love'.
Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind product.
mezuza holder color white with light

Shabbat lamps

A selection of luxury handmade Lamps with Halachic approval.

Elegant and designed Shabbat lamps manufactured by us at VenturaLight from the planning level to the installation level!

Each lamp with a high-quality metallic head has a double and unique magnetic mechanism, which ensures complete sealing of the light

Available in a recessed, wall-mounted and desk-mounted version
With a flexible arm in different lengths or an adjustable metal arm made of quality metal.

Let Us Illuminating Your World

At Venturalight, the leading Israeli lighting company based in Jerusalem, we deliver custom lighting solutions emphasizing quality, innovation, and warranty.
With expertise in Kosher Shabbat lamps, our top-quality and innovative products cater to our client's unique needs and dreams.
Our dedicated team meticulously plans and designs the ideal lighting solution for each customer.

Our Shabbat Lamps Designed with Great Care in Mind for Ease of Use, Without Detracting from the Beauty of the Lamp.

Double magnetic head that ensures complete sealing of light

We use long life, Energy efficiency and High brightness and intensity LED

Flexible arm made of quality metal

kosher shabbat lamp Malka head

We’re here to help people who want the best personal solutions in the lighting industry.

We think about what you need when we’re planning and designing the perfect solution for you.

We will make your dreams come true.

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